Pfaffies FAQ
Toilet Paper Embroidery
I have used several brands (Publix 100% recycled, Kleenex Cottonelle, Quilted Northern) all with good results.
You need: 120mm hoop, light weight stabilizer, medium/heavy weight stabilizer such as Huskqvarna's cut-away, shrink wrap & ribbons (optional), tweezers, curved tip scissors (makes life so much nicer!).

 Post embroidery

Carefully remove TP after embroidering from SM and hoop so as not to tear away from the roll.

Remove the medium-heavy stabilizer from the back of the embroidery (as much as you can safely). Square off the light weight stabilizer even with the square of tissue embroidery is on. The remaining lightweight stabilizer will prevent show through.

Fold up the last square under the embroidered square. Now fold up the the bottom edges into a point for a classy mitered finish. You may want to trim lightweight stabilizer to a point so that miter stays put.

Finishing touch: shrink wrap and top with a bow or another option is to tuck the ends of the plastic into the tube.

 Embroidery preparation

Unroll paper without tearing off the roll.

Stack TP on top of lightweight stabilizer and hoop loosely on the 2nd tissue square from the end -- a lot looser than you would with fabric, too tight and there is a danger of tearing the tissue.

Carefully place hooped TP in SM keeping slack in the roll of TP behind the SM.


Gift, gift for someone who has everything

House warming gift: package in a basket with special soap and matching embroidered finger towel

Calling card from construction contractor to new home owner.

Bridal shower gift with the bride & groom's name and matching towel set.